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  • Where do you ship?
    On Etsy, I ship to Canada and the US. If you live somewhere else and would like a print or a painting, please send me a message!
  • Where is your studio located?
    I don't have a dedicated studio at the moment, but hopefully someday! I currently work from my home office in Montreal, Quebec.
  • I've just purchased a painting and/or print from you -- can you help me choose a frame?
    I'd be happy to! Simply send me an email or Instagram DM.
  • Where did you study?
    I am self-trained. While I have no formal background in art, I've been drawing and painting since I was very young. My main career is in science, where I have a PhD in materials chemistry, and I currently work in nanoscience.
  • How long do your pieces take to complete?
    Around 5-10 hours for smaller pieces, and 50+ for largest ones! It really depends on the details of the piece. Below are a few examples: 8 x 10 inches ~25 hours 5 x 7 inches ~12 hours 5 x 7 inches ~10 hours
  • Do you need full payment up-front, or can I pay in installments?
    We can work out a schedule that works for you. I require a portion of the total cost up-front, but the remainder can be payed out over time. However, full payment will be required upon final delivery of the piece.
  • How will I recieve my final piece?
    If you are in the Montreal area, you are welcome to pick up from me directly. Otherwise, your work will be securely shipped, and this cost will be included in your total to ensure it arrives safely to you!
  • Do you accept commissions?
    Yes! Interested people or businesses can visit the "commissions" page on my website, or simply send me an email with your proposed project.
  • How long do commissions take to complete?
    This depends on size and detail of the request, but at minimum one month. I work full time aside from my art practice, and want to ensure you get the best work possible!
  • How much do commissioned works cost?
    My pricing is mostly based on time, so it depends on the size of the piece and detail required. My rates start at $30/hour on top of a base deposit towards the total cost (size + materials considered). I will always provide a quote for free, and will work with you to stay within your budget in any way possible. That being said, it's important to understand that the detail in my work comes at the cost of a lot of time per piece. The more detailed/large, the more time it will take and therefore cost!
  • Can I commission you to paint ____ for me?
    My interests lie in highly detailed small-things-made big. While I will never paint certain subjects (eg. people or full landscapes), there are many things outside of this I would be happy to consider! Feel free to message me if you are wondering about a subject that falls somewhere outside of what I've completed in the past.
  • I'm nervous about the piece not turning out like I want. Can I get progress updates?
    Absolutely. From initial plans and colour swatching to progress throughout, I always work to keep my customers informed on how things are progressing.
  • What type of prints do you sell?
    All prints are matte giclee on acid-free heavyweight 100% cotton (archival quality).
  • Do you accept wholesale purchase orders?
    Yes! Please send me an email for information on my wholesale pricing.
  • Do you have any limited edtion prints?
    Yes! My Substantia series are all limited-run prints, and all are available on Etsy. Each print is signed and numbered.
  • I want a specific size of print that you don't currently offer. Can you do this upon request?
    Absolutely! Send me a message, and I will do my best to accomodate.
  • Where do I find frames for the prints I've purchased?
    All prints in my shop are standard sizes in North America. You can find frames at local dollar stores, Walmart, Target, Michael's, etc.
  • I need a print order sooner than standard ground shipping. Can I request a faster shipping option?
    Yes! Once requested, the difference in shipping methods can be billed additionally, and you can choose the speed which works best for you. I typically send via Canada Post.
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